Line Chef – Wagamama Uxbridge


Line Chef

Full time



competitive hourly rate + excellent tips


power to personality! bye bye to the bland

be you. be a line chef

you can’t stereotype a Wagamama person. we’re all totally different. different tastes, different styles. and, you know what – that’s something we’re proud of, something we celebrate. wait a second though. there is something about us that’s exactly the same. we all love creating stunning fresh food for our guests. but other than that…

you know you’re doing something brilliant when you know every single dish like the back of your hand. when your pride in the freshness of our food comes across in your presentation – let alone the flavour. from prep to plate, cooking to order, you’ll perform kitchen wizardry to get dishes out on time and on spec

experience is all well and good. but great attitudes, energy and enthusiasm are what’s really important. an inner force that drives you to contribute. that gives you a sense of conscientiousness to go that extra mile, even beyond the great training we’ll give you. it’ll push you fast up the career ladder. and, in the meantime, you can expect really competitive pay and generous per-hour tips. so go ahead and light up our business with your first step into a kitchen career

whatever your style. whatever your vibe. it’s you all over

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