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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden big enough for a tree, then good for you. But did you know you can sponsor a tree planted outside your home or in one of Hillingdon’s parks?

Until recently, I had no idea this was even a possibility. But it turns out that Hillingdon is part of Trees for Streets – the national street tree sponsorship scheme.

This means if you would like to bring a little more green to your street, this could be the perfect way to do it.

Looking at the Trees for Streets website, there are three options. Firstly you choose if you want the tree outside your house or in a park, and then you choose if you will water the tree or pay a little more to have that covered by Hillingdon. Watering the tree is only an option when it’s outside your home.

But how great would that be? A tree outside your house that you can water as a family and watch as it grows. All while adding some greenery and nature to your street. This is absolutely something that deserves to be publicised.

Sponsor a tree

As part of the national Trees for Streets campaign scheme, Hillingdon council are inviting their residents to sponsor the planting of a tree in Hillingdon. The website allows you to specify where you want the tree planted and will confirm if it’s possible or offers an alternative.

The benefits of trees are vast, as they are known to reduce air pollution, absorb carbon dioxide, give birds and insects a home, and improve mental and physical well-being.

And at this time of year, it might be the perfect gift for someone that has everything or doesn’t need anything. Or maybe sponsoring a tree would be the perfect gift.

Not just that, but at the moment, your gift will keep on giving as The Mayor of London has partnered with Trees for Streets so that for every tree you sponsor, they will plant another tree in a priority location in the borough. So you are sponsoring two trees for the price of one. This only runs until 31/3/23, so make sure you sponsor a tree in Hillingdon before then.

How much does it cost to sponsor a tree in Hillingdon?

Sponsor a tree outside your home

If you make a £230 sponsorship donation, you must water the tree.

Alternatively, make a £320 sponsorship donation, and Hillingdon Council will water the tree.

Donation payments are only taken once your sponsorship is confirmed.

Sponsor a tree in a Hillingdon Park

The sponsorship donation is £320  as Hillingdon Council waters the tree.

For a £320 donation, Hillingdon Council will plant and maintain a tree in one of the parks across the borough. It’s a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one, mark the birth of a child, or commemorate any significant life event. Or just because you love Hillingdon and would like to help plant more trees here.

Trees for Streets website

How does it work?

Step 1. Location

You choose the location (subject to survey).

A tree will be expertly selected to suit your chosen location.

You can take on the job of watering the tree – (this is entirely up to you).

What’s included?

Your sponsorship includes a 5-7-year-old “instant impact” tree, standing between 3-4 metres high, with tree stakes and a wire mesh tree guard; it will usually also have a watering bag and irrigation tube.

The exact specification may change depending on availability and practical considerations.

Your sponsorship request will be confirmed within 12 weeks.

The Council will plant your tree next winter (22/23 – we’ll let you know when it’s happening).

You’ll be sent watering reminders throughout the summer months.

Let’s go

For more information or to sponsor a tree, go to the Trees for Streets website. (https://sponsor.treesforstreets.org/provider/hillingdon-borough)

Find out more from the Hillingdon website.



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