Waterstones closed for refurbishment

Waterstones closing sign

Jan 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

In the windows of waterstones, located in the Chimes (Intu shopping centre) I noticed a sign which grabbed my attention. They are closing for a refurb. But this is clearly not just a lick of paint. The sign states that they will be closed until Spring/Summer 2020. In a time when we see high rise flats go up in a little under three months, I’m baffled by this long time frame for refurb. 

Perhaps Intu have decided to repeat its shrinking of Debenhams and not only halve the size of the store to add in yet another restaurant, but also add in another in store Costa? Let’s hope I’m just being cynical and actually Uxbridge is just going to benefit from a better store at the end of what seems like an extraordinarily long refurb. 

So where will everyone get their books now? 

If you really think about it, with waterstones closed, what Uxbridge is really lacking is a bookshop. Or is it? 

Well actually no, Barnards books is an independent book shop located in Windsor Street. To many this will come as a bit of shock.  

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  1. Laura

    You are spot on. They are completely gutting the space and using most of it for a Côte restaurant. There are planning permissions online about it.


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