Gift Box, Uxbridge Closes after 37 years

Gift Box Uxbridge, front window closing down signs

Jan 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Walking through the Pavilions (current name)  this morning it seemed like every  shop was advertising their NewYears sale. One shop, however, stood out; the sign on Giftbox isn’t just advertising their seasonal sale, but instead is accompanied by a note announcing that they are closing for good. 

This note is a Thank You to all of their valued customers over the last 37 years. 

That’s right guys, Giftbox has been in Uxbridge for 37 years! Providing the town with good quality gifts all year round, not just at Christmas and Mother’s Day, is now having to close down. Now although no information is given about why it is having to close, one can’t help but feel as though they are another victim of the failing retail market. 

gift box closing letter

Uxbridge is beginning to look a bit like a ghost town when it comes to good quality retail. In the past few years, we have seen the Disney store close down, HMV close, and then re-open, BHS, Gap, Toys R Us, and UCS close (to name a few).

But 37 years is a long time for a small independent shop to hang on. They were originally situated at the other end of the Pavillions, but had to move when Primark changed the layout of the shopping centre.

With each and every closure of a retail shop, we see one more coffee shop, restaurant or pop up discount clothes store take its place. 

We wish the owners of Gift Box and the employees all the best in the future, and hope this was a decision rather than a necessity.

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